Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving forward...

Moving forward...or at least trying my hardest.

Thursday I did the "run for the hungry 10K"...and was wondering how my poor hip flexor may fare as it has been a bit cranky as of late. I stretched it, used cold and hot on it and stretched it some more but come Friday it was still unhappy. Since this is such a sudden onset of pain with no increase in training I have been a bit baffled. So on Friday I called a place to see if I could get a sports massage and maybe further determine the cause of what is going on.

I meet the woman who will be giving me a massage and tell her my tale of woe...she sorta half laughs at me and then says to me sort of airily: "So...tell me about what else is going on in your life. Have you had any life changes lately??". changes...nooooo...none here. New Job, New City, New type of living situation, New decade in life changes here....nothing major at all. ahem

She replies: "I don't think your hip pain has anything to do with your training."

This is me in my head: whatchatalkingabout Willis?

She goes on: "While life changes can be good...sometimes while our head is ok with a new change our body fights the new change"

Me (in my head): What lady?

She continues: " And when you fight the new change, most of the time you will hold it in your hips"

Me: Errr?

Her: "So really what is going on is that your body is not embracing and moving forward with your life. It doesn't mean that what is going on isn't something positive, it is just that change sometimes causes us to react in different ways and this is one way your body is reacting. Many times a person's body will fight a new change, because it is new and our way of 'protecting' ourselves. " she got a little too philosophical for me about how I am not 'moving forward intact'...and then tried to say that most hip injuries have little to do with training (i'd like to run that one by a PT first) but I found her take on things very different and sometimes I find I need a different perspective and see things in a different light.Her comments were a bit too airy fairy at times, but she did have some good points on some things.

Either way you slice it, I think I'm going to stop running this week and instead do a lot of yoga, try out some pilates reformer, give biking/spinning a chance and swim a bit and see what happens. I will probably start to investigate some more 'western' takes on what may be causing this problem (most likely IT bands that have gone crazy once again) and see if I can't sort myself out.

Or maybe in the meantime I will be able to convince my body to connect back with my brain...whatever that means.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Run for the Hungry 10K

I think it should be called "Run until you are hungry 5 and 10K" or "Run until you think you might be hungry" or "Run because later you will be hungry and will eat that second piece of pie 5 and 10K". Don't get me wrong, it is all for a good cause, but many people are mainly out to burn a few extra calories before the big binge.

So last night I did get in a dosing of yoga, and am concluding that it may actually be my back and IT bands that are causing the hipflexor distress. That or the fact I bought new running shoes and have only been on less than 5 runs on them...and the shoes hate me. One of the two...or both. So i tried running with my older shoes today to see the effect. (I won't know the effect until tomorrow.)

The race went pretty well. It was two loops of it was a 5K and a pretty much sucked. The 10Kers started before the 5Kers...which I felt sorry for the speedy 5K people who had to pick their way through the 10K crowd...but on the second loop we had to navigate dogs, and people walking across the WHOLE road. There should be sign posted, or they should have to sign something that TELLS them...get OVER if you are walking. The second loop was a lot of weaving around everyone and their dog...quite literally.. as you could bring dogs along for this run.

Anyway, the goal at the moment was to break 1 hour...and I did. 57:07. First 5K 29:23, second 5K 27:44...nicely negatively split the race. 9:13mpm...avg HR 173 with a max HR of 191. I am starting to see some edges of my fitness come back...and it will with some time and it is encouraging.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And more running...

Maybe one of these days I'll write a post about biking...but that would mean I would actually have done some of that...err...i need to get back on my bike. It is a bit sad and lonely in my living room...although I find the bike situation hilarious because it takes up one of the walls in my apt ...sitting there all by itself, you see I still have yet to buy a couch. At the moment there are only two places to sit in my living room, three if you think that sitting on my bike on its trainer is another place to sit. It's a bit, sparce...

Or...maybe I should write a post about swimming...And while I've still been swimming, that is never much to tell except maybe my childlike excitement of me swimming outside. So I don't know how many times I can really post about HOW exciting that is to me that I get to swim outside...ALL.YEAR.LONG. But seriously...i could basically jump up and down and write a post EVERY time I go for a swim in the outdoor pool, but I'll spare you. I'd roll my eyes too.

So...back to running...Tonight I joined the tri team for another tuesday night run. I've done this one another time so far. I've had no expectations of actually having speed, its good to get out and meet some new people. I'd say my biggest 'bummer' about last time was the fact that I ran with 2 other people and neither said much the whole time. That makes a long 5 miles. Running with strangers who don't talk. I don't expect you to chatter the whole time with a random stranger, but its sorta weird not to say anything to other people you are running least to me.

So this time I had the exact opposite i'm not suddenly speedy...I'm still wicked slow, (like that would change over nigh)t...but I ended up with "Chatty Runner". So the miles clicked by which is always nice.

But the biggest concern at the moment is my right hip flexor. For no apparent reason it has been whine-y since last week. I'm not sure what the problem is...stretching my hips...hamstrings. I think I need some dosing of yoga...but any suggestions would be helpful. It is not stopping my runs, but it is slowing them down and making me wonder how long I have until it does stop a run. That makes me nervous. So if you have any words of wisdom on how to deal with a cranky hip flexor, i'm all ears.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Running with more strangers

I just got back from a business trip to Houston, TX...I'll sum it up like this...lots of big trucks and lots of traffic. That was about all I saw of Houston, trucks and traffic. I was there for some *facinating*, insert some sarcasm now. But it was necessary stuff for work, so it was time well spent.

The biggest bummer of the trip was a fight with a cold or something I started to have. Despite my sluggishness and feeling pretty yucky I did squeeze in a nice 4 mile run at a park in Houston which was good.

This morning I could have done a club tri sprint race...and while it was quite tempting to do...feeling like my whole energy had been sucked out of me and the thought of swimming in the cold ocean mixed with feeling under the weather didn't really sit well with me. So I joined another running group...again, no one I was small, and only me and four other people were running the 5 mile loop. I absolutely could not hang with the other people running 5 miles, but at the end of the day, it didn't really matter. It is more about me and the run...the doing this with a running group is more for the meeting new people aspect. I had a pretty decent run, mpm about 10:30...pretty good for a girl feeling really crappy and sluggish. And I did meet some cool people, so that was good too.

I am planning on running a 10k on Thanksgiving. My friend whom I am going to the race with was funny about picking out a race. We were looking at some races and I thought I might do a 5K that day...but her feelings about 5K's are summed up as such " A 5K is such a short distance it doesn't really warrant getting up that early". And besides it is Thanksgiving...we gotta burn as many calories as we can before making throwing that down the tubes. As far as racing, I think the distance will give me at least a benchmark to see how my base is and go from there with plans for this next season.

I'm settling down from last week... my heavy heart and feelings of angst at 'being the new kid' have that is a good thing. I knew it would pass...but that is the truth of moving to new places, some days it is a fun adventure while other days I just want to go back to being in a space that I know. I'm back to feeling like its an adventure. :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

A new decade...

Ummm...the shoos. These are my 'birthday' shoos...I know you can't run in them or bike in them so on first glance they seemingly seem to have little 'value' to a triathlete such as myself. And only because they have a solid platform heel can I even attempt to walk in them. But birthday shoos were for birthday fun this past weekend...and fun it was. I have officially entered a new decade and 'aged up' even though all summer I sported that 30 on my now is official. And well...I don't feel much different than 3 days ago :-) aside from my friends making me wish they were all here with me to celebrate. I've been carrying a bit of a heavy heart since saturday and all the festivities and the cards in the mail. Sunday it really hit when I went to a new church and all I could think while I was parking my car was "I am SO tired of being the new kid".

I know, I know...its only been, what... 6 weeks...and I will be the new kid for another 6 months to a year (at least in my prior experiences). It takes that long to settle in and stop being 'new'. There are great things about being 'new' to a place and I do enjoy them but sometimes I just want that new place to stop being so new and start feeling like 'home'. My heavy heart will pass. Life is not static, it does not mean that we cannot live deeply and love those close to us, but change also stretches us and hurts a bit in the meantime, even though it can still be the best thing for us. And while I am extremely happy to be here, leaving friends is like leaving a part of my heart behind too.I always know that my heart will grow back, but I never stop missing those pieces I left behind either. Its a good thing, but can make my heart hurt too.

And a new adventure for the week...first time to travel for the company. I'm off to TX tomorrow for some training for the rest of the week. Have a happy week of training.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Running in the dark

It *seemed* like a good idea. You know...trail the dark... with a head lamp and all...with other people of course. Granted it was just me and two other people who showed up for this group trail day, new workout...never met these people in my life...and they were definitely faster. It was fine, i hung with them as well as I could and they were nice and didn't drop me.

We had deviated from the planned run that I think had more actual lighting and pavement and chose to do a trial that was supposed to not be so bad...pretty flat compared to the other plan that had a monster hills involved. I was game for whatever. I was barely hanging with the other two and actually was slightly concerned about the fact that one of them would sorta trip from time to time. In reality...that is usually me so I was feeling pretty decent by the fact that I hadn't tripped. Can you see where this is going?

So we do an out and back...we are *almost* back and the trail turns into more asphalt sorts of stuff. Yea, no big deal I'm thinking...this will be more level and it should be less of a tripping hazard. And who MAJORLY BITES it...


I can't find my camera at the moment or I would take pictures of my hands. They are shockers. One slightly bloody knee and the knee that REALLY hurts it more looks like a goose egg on top of it...i think it will be black and blue tomorrow.

It's one thing to totally bite it when you are with people you actually know...but I don't know these people. That's ONE way to make an impression...oh yea...*that* girl who totally did a huge face plant at the end of the run. At least we were really close to the end. It would have sucked if we were at the turn around point, because I couldn't really do much more than limp back.

Knee is feeling a bit better. We will see how it goes...i was hoping to do a duathlon on Saturday...but I'm starting to question the whole "is running a good idea thing"as in "will I be *able* to run by saturday?"

Here is my whinging for the day: "But it's my birthday...and what a great way to ring in a birthday than to do a race?"

Maybe its not as bad as I'm thinking it is...I'll just keep telling myself that.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I'm currently making 'excuses' in my head over why I haven't made a decision about what was making me a bit ill to think about in a previous post. I've been telling my self that I can't 'decide' which race it is...but I finally realized it just freaks me out a bit ,which is why I have been avoiding it. So one of the races that has been making me ill to think about is doing my first 1/2 ironman. While I know many of you out there have done one...and for some...its something that you could almost do with out a second is a bit daunting to me in an exciting...daunting...what-the-crap-am-i thinking kind of way. are the races i'm looking at...and I have given myself til the end of November to decide and by Dec 1...I will have to put my money where my mouth is... so to speak... and make a decision. All the races have some pro's and con's...

Vineman July 20
Pro: I could drive to it (long drive...but I could if I wanted to ) I'm sure I could find people in this area who are planning on doing this race so I would actually know people at the race. Weather mid july in N.Cali isn't too terrible. I've been told this is a great race.
Con: Yet at this particular moment in time, I don't know anyone going there...but I think that would change in time. Hilly bike...but really what won't be.

Boise 70.3
Pro: My hometown...I KNOW these roads, even if I didn't bike them as a kid...which because I KNOW these roads that actually is a CON. (more on that later). I could see family...which I could arm twist into spectating...although I don't really know if they would be up for that. They think I"m weird enough with the whole tri thing with out adding something like a 1/2 ironman into the mix. They wouldn't really 'get it'. But that's ok.
Con: The first 20 miles of the bike course is something that would freak me out a LOT as the hills are pretty nasty. I grew up waterskiing where the swim is being held and on a weekly basis we would drive the what is basically the bike course. Lots and lots of hill training. The run isn't too bad though. Downside, Boise is at 3,000 ft of elevation...whether or not the fact I don't train at elevation would play a role...donno. Boise is very dry which is good and bad. And June 1 it can be either nice or it can be pretty warm in the 80s-90s.

I'm also considering trekking back to the North East...mainly because I'd get to see some friends so these are possibilities: Timberman (I did the sprint a year ago, and spectated for the 1/2), Patriot 1/2 (although reports after this year's event makes me hesitant) or Rhode Island 70.3.
But those all have the CON of having to schelp my bike cross country...and I will have been there a few weeks prior most likely as it appears I will be out in NE in May for work.

And also consider Lake Stevens as July in the Pacific NW can be nice. Pro: I have some close friends in that area, and I spent a good many undergraduate years in that I like the area. Weather can be nice. Con: Shlepping the bike (although getting a direct flight isn't too bad). Weather has potential to be Seattle-y...which actually isn't too bad...that's more slightly raining and overcast which isn't terrible racing conditions.

Other major...MAJOR con with 1/2 IM in general is my work. I don't know how much i'll be traveling which makes me a bit nervous to commit to an 1/2 IM. And no one really knows how much I will be traveling happens. Yeish.

This has been I put this into writing, I am actually starting to make a decision. I'll let it sit for a few days. Any input on the races if you've done any of them is appreciated. Or thoughts for the nervous ninny i'm being of being reluctant to "JUST-PUSH-THE-FREAKING-BUTTON" on my first 1/2 IM. :-)

Its N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R!

I know I will be in awe with the weird S. California weather for awhile to come...but it is so weird to me to be NOVEMBER...five measly days away from my birthday...and what did I do this morning? I went to the pool at 6:00am (yea, me...i'm just excited I made it there). And I swam...yea no big deal...but in an OUTSIDE pool! I was super excited by that fact...and totally weirded out by it too. But aside from not a ton of daylight this evening, I'll take exercising outside IN-A-POOL during a month I'm usually waiting for the first snow to happen. I'm sure I will have a lot of posts about the craziness of the weather (as in there is only one season)...but i'm sure I'll adjust in time.

And in light of the upcoming birthday...aging up and into a new decade to-boot (The big 3-0)...I have been promising myself the past 6-10 months that once I was done with grad school...i would get my sorry eating habits to a nutritionist. And that I did today. It was just a brief initial consult but was informative of how she works with people and her perspective. I've been to a nutritionist in the past, so i'm more or less familiar with the set up...yet I am out of practice with the actual follow through. So...i'm gearing up for new thinking with food and new habits. I know what needs to be done. Bit by bit