Monday, April 06, 2009

Crazy busy weekend

The science festival
My weekend started early on Friday at noon...driving a UHaul around...getting lost...four wheeling it on dirt roads all to pick up lots of stuff all for the San Diego Science Festival on Saturday. This is where I had the opportunity to organize 30+ volunteers over the course of the day and deal with the chaos that having 3000+ people come through the booth brings with them.

The day was filled with its share of insanity and varied other crazy bits and pieces.The day was a test of patience at times, but rewarding and something I completely love even if it means that afterward my legs are so tired it feels like i've run 15miles and then been run over by a big truck. Not two days before this shin-dig I already signed up to help organize a booth to teach about science for earth day. It's how I roll.

An 'official' Time Trial
This week has been a bit of re-testing for LT with some timed efforts. It gives an idea of where I am speed wise in the various disciplines. My run TT on tuesday went really well aside from the massive side stitch I got. I did a swim TT on Friday and I sorta expected my times not to change that much from last time (between 1:39/100 and 1:47/100), but my pacing was pretty spot on with a nice negative split over the course of all 10 x100s so I was pretty happy with it. So that left the bike TT.

Rather than do a TT all by myself...i (stupidly) decided to sign up for an 'official' one....official as in I paid people money to time me. Note to self, the day after LONG day on my feet is not the time to RACE against all kinds of people kitted out with race wheels, aero helmets, skin suits and TT bikes. When the alarm went off at 445 I really contemplated my warm bed and how being out 30 bucks really wasn't that big of a deal. But I sucked it up and went anyway.

It did help that I knew a few other people who would be there. I hate going to races and not knowing anyone. I have learned some of the cycling world rituals of pre-racing...bring the trainer and your fight face. Wear your fight face as you are warming up on the trainer and scare everyone else. Granted I am not sure if I have learned the cyclists 'fight face' yet and doubt I could scare anyone if I could muster a fight face. In reality, I felt rather self conscience and I didn't belong there and that someone was going to tell me to leave or something.

There is also a 'cyclist' way to pin the stupid number on the jersey. I noticed this at my first bike race at Bulldog in Feb, but didn't really worry about it since i didn't think it was that critical. But here I knew that a flapping number could pose more of a time problem. After 4 attempts I managed to get it where I wanted to...only to be told right before I took off...I had put it on upside down. I'm so smooth. Then there was the: holy crap moment when I knew I had 3 minutes before I had to take off, couldn't go back to my car...when I realized that I STILL had on my cycling long pants as well as my knee warmers and had to strip those off of which I had to put them in the ditch to retrieve later. Again...i am so smooth.

And then there is the fear of the unknown...THE STANDING START (or whatever you call it). This is where someone will HOLD your bike as you sit on it and the other guy says: in 15seconds...10seconds...3...2...1...GO! And the guy then sorta pushes you away. I've never done this so I'm debating whether or not to do it...sorta wigged out...but after realizing he doesn't just LET GO of you...he does sorta push I realized I probably would be ok (i hoped). As he pushed me away I realize the stupid fear was...well...stupid. It was super easy.

My goal for this race was to break 20mph avg speed. The course was a 20K...3 large loops of Fiesta island. The morning was pretty calm...few spots of a slight headwind but pretty good all around. I at least had two other reference points on Fiesta island to compare against. While the other two TT were not a full 3 laps just 30 was still a good comparison. Dec speed for 30mins: 18.5mph, Feb speed for 30mins 19.5mph...Sunday's TT for 20K: 20.6mph for 36:11! Very very happy! Goal achieved!!

It was a crazy busy weekend all around, but good. Things are settled a little bit...granted now I have an earth day booth to make some posters for and recruit volunteers and a huge checkpoint at work coming up...oh La Jolla half...err...easter is this training this week is pretty heavy...nope things don't slow down much around here...but that's the way I roll.


katie b said...

yay! congrats :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You crack me up...I would so be doing the same thing with the gear, attire, number thingy.

CONGRATS on a rockin' TT! See, you CAN do it all.

Charisa said...

YAH! Awesome job on your time trial!! You are getting strong - I bet it's from the track :)