Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mud Fun

Last weekend I did a 10K mud run with some people from my company. It.was.awesome.

About two months ago I found myself as the captain of this team and over the next 8 weeks I had to completely re-fill my roster. EVERYONE, aside from myself, from the original team decided to bail out. Even last week on monday I was having to find a replacement. Fortunately I work at a big company and was able to find people to fill in as it was a company team...and hey that meant that the company paid too. Nice. Sponsorship right?

The funny thing about this whole deal with the team is that the whole 5 people on your team have to cross together at the end in order for your time to be counted. We all decided that the best and most fun thing to do was to run the course together. It was way more fun that way.

The first half of the race wasn't really that real obstacles and no real mud. There were some guys next to us who decided to 'make' their own mud by doing 'dirt angles' on the ground and hence mixing the dirt with their sweat. ewww.

The day started off a little cloudy, but once the clouds burned off (which was RIGHT before the race started) it got a little toasty. The first half of the race was pretty warm as there was no way to cool off really and it was more of a 'Mud Jog' or even a 'Mud Walk' as the trails got so crowded...although there was no i guess that would just be a 'Dirt Jog'. But no matter finally we got to some muddy obstacles.

We had walls that were in the middle of mud pits that you had to hoist yourself over, a river you sorta half swam across, a very slippery muddy hill to get up and a final muddy pit thing that you had to crawl on your belly through. My team was awesome. We had fun and cheered each other a long. We jogged most of it. Over all it was awesome. We were even the first team from my company to come in! Definitely doing it again and with a team...tons-o-fun!


The Lazy Triathlete said...

That sounds like fun. Nothing better than having someone else pay for you to play in the mud.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!! AND in the dirt and mud!

I love things like that...I'm doing this 'sprint' adventure race in Sep with Matt and the point of those things is that you must stay with your teammate. I'm SO excited because I will finally just be doing something for the FUN of it and I get to do it with my best friend. A nice change for sure.

Speed Racer said...

Sounds like tons-o-fun, likely due to your fabulous organizational skills. I know you don't like to post pictures, but do we get ANY?! You can paste a half-Asian girl's face over yours if you don't want us to recognize you...

Anyway, I'm glad you had so much fun and you're getting out of the crossfit gym every once in awhile to go play outside.