Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happening again...

I happened again: Training Induced Narcolepsy.

A refresher on the term: Training Induced Narcolepsy : Random and sometimes uncontrollable bouts of sleep after a hard workout. (term...made up by me).

Two unplanned naps today happened. One of them was the: oh...i'm not that tired, i'll just lie down for a second but just in case...I'll set my alarm. 45 minutes later after being out COLD i woke up to my alarm. The second case, in the middle of a funny movie. I was laughing hard too and suddenly...asleep.

Today's bike ride was great. Roughly 45 miles. Nice burn lines on the quads to prove I went out...slow as molassas but feeling stronger. It's tough because I'd like to FOCUS on getting stronger on the bike, but my main goal this season really is kettlebells and the RKC in I can't really do over do the endurance workouts or my kettlebell workouts do start to suffer. I can do some, but you really can't focus on two things at once like that. can, but then both of them are just marginal.

But my legs are coming back and that is a nice thing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

17 weeks

17 weeks til the In two weeks I'm going to see where I am at for a 5 min snatch test with the 16kg. Considering today I smoked myself with 112 snatches in 10 mins alternating between my 14kg (new) and my 16kg bell. That doesn't bode well for the 5 min test...but the whole point of the test is to 'see' where I am at.

I found an RKC prep outline and decided to try one of the sets. Again...deceiving because you look at the list and think: easy...peasy....and then half way through the presses want to pass out. The whole set was pretty tough swing-clean/press-swing-clean/squat-swing-TGU-swing snatch-swing doing between 5-10 reps per movement. Everything double 14s (except the TGUs and snatches of course)

I got some new 'bells last week. Two 14 kg...for me right now they are perfect weight...not too heavy and not too light. They are a challenge for my presses but let me still get reasonable volume compared to pressing 2 x 16 kg where I do one...maybe two double presses before I'm done. I was able to knock out 5 clean and presses for two rounds...granted it was more like do 3 and then rest and do the other 2...but still 5. They make the snatches harder than the that is good because the 12 is sorta ridiculous at the moment. Weird thing is I have a 'harder' time with the lighter weights. I am told that my swings and movements tend to look 'better' with the heavier weight. weird.

So training is coming back. My transverse oblique is behaving itself. All good.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I thought it was my back?

2 weeks ago mid kettlbell workout my back started to hurt. Just on swing types of movements, not on presses, but on cleans and swings. And by hurt I mean: i couldn't breathe kind of pain. The kind of pain where you go to work after your morning workout. Look at the calendar, clear you calendar and head to the doctor's office begging for muscle relaxants.

I think managed to squeeze myself into get a massage as I was in so much pain I wouldn't have been able to work anyway and hoped for the best. I hurt. She inflicted a lot of pain and I continued to hurt. But the biggest thing was that twisting motion from side to side was where I was having issue and it was just my right side, right where my lat ends and it seemed to be my anterior seratus wrecking havoc.

A week went by, I had to travel for sleeping in hotel beds is not usually good on the back to start off with but now it was extra special. But I survived and finally this week got in to see my sports acupuncturist who discovered my right lat was still pretty pissed off and then started poking around...on my stomach.

And then she found the root cause: my transverse oblique(abdominus) was PISSED. A lot of not fun followed by a massage the next day with more non-fun has actually made me almost 100% functional. To the point that my body doesn't even feel like I endured the crazy pain. It's just not there anymore. Amazing what releasing a muscle can do.

Root cause: my right hip has a slight more anterior tilt than my left. This causes issues running (functional leg length issues), and so I have a 'plan' of what i need to do to help level the stupid hips out.

Stupid always give me some form of chaos in my life.