Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not too bad!

San Diguito Half Marathon...unofficial time...2:02:30

Official response to the day...great training run.

Official feeling about the went pretty well.

Ways to make it better next year?
1) Show up an hour and a half before the race starts. Even though it is a stand alone running race and you don't have to set anything up...being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes from the off ramp to the race is one sure fire way to miss the official start.

2) Don't take the Lomas Santa Fe exit....use a map and take the exit before. That alone would have gotten me to the the start line with enough time to spare to use the bathroom.

3)hill training...yes..those bumpy things that go up and down....they are good if you have plans to do a hilly half marathon.

4)mileage...mileage would be good. While I have been doing that ironman training coach hasn't built my volume excessively in the running due to my hip. We have only begun a phase where I will start seeing more appreciative while I have the endurance to complete a half marathon... running further than 8 miles leading up to the race might have been helpful...but this was a training run and really it was more of a 'test' in my book. And in my book...i totally passed.

5)Shoes with less miles on them feel better in a race especially on a hilly course.

There were a few hiccups...missed the offical start...figured that since i wasn't trying to PR and i'm not in the market for any bling during this life time...stopping early on to use the bathroom that I didn't have a chance to do since I was STUCK IN TRAFFIC...i just decided to be comfortable and stop early. I'm glad i did. Sometimes you just gotta race your own race.

A few weeks ago I actually told my coach that maybe i should skip this race. He told do the race and use it as a training run. I aint going to lie...there was a little grumbling on my side of things under my breath. But I decided just to see how things are going. Last week I discovered i'm in 10K PR possibly-beat- my-10K-PR-from-november-by-something-like-5-minute- kind of shape. I didn't know how that would translate into a hilly half marathon that I haven't been training volume or hills for. Much to my surprise...not too bad.

And then i did a super crazy thing...and went to Sea World for the rest of the day. Oye vey!! I think my legs offically hate me at the moment...but hey...that's how it goes.


Charisa said...

Bummed I missed you yet again! Glad you still did the race and had a great time despite the traffic! I think you should try a 10k too :)

BAM said...

you just need someone to meet you for the last half and run it with you :) - good work!

gunnbr said...

I can't believe you did ANYTHING after that race! I totally crashed out after I got home! (Of course, I also hadn't prepared well and was short on sleep for a few days before, but still...)

Formulaic said...

2:02 is not too shabby! By that I mean " HOLY CRAP!" way to rock it!

Bad Hip? Can I use that excuse when I PR on a hilly course too? Because you rock.

Your coach is doing awesome for you. A 10 PB pace and now a awesome half on little prep! NICE!

Can't wait to see CDA!