Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Really...i do. Ok...HATE might be a strong word. Ok...i've learned to like it in my training days as it does help keep me out of PT. But as a prime exercise modality. NOT my favorite. AT. ALL!

But...we suck it up when we have to. And I"m having to suck it up right now. I'm having to let go of a training season I was all excited about. I'm having to let go of training...period. I'm having to let. go. Not easy for a dopamine dominate/type A/overachiever like me to do. And yet, so much of my body is just sorta freaking out right now. My mental focus has sucked the past 2 months. THIS is concerning. My drive for general things in life (not including triathlon) is just not there. I used to joke in grad school that I lost my 5th gear because all the stress wore it out...and that I tend to live my life in 5th gear...just goooooooooo. But I'm now down to a few more gears and left mainly with first and second gear. It's a little freaky to be honest. I miss my old self, but I've been consulted that I dug myself into a big hole and now I have to figure out how to get myself out of it. And it involves a lot of...nothing.


I've taken up yoga seriously. Ok. i'm not sure I can say 'seriously' when i' just signed up and SAID that's what i was going to do. I've only gone to this particular studio 1x. The goal is 6-7 times a week for the next month. and then do the same the month after...and...


Fortunately I have a yogi friend who won't let me get away with being slackster about it or talking trash about it either.

Really all this lack of training has just made me Ms Cranky Pants. She's not very much fun in my opinion. I've already had to apologize for her recently.

And for all of those interested...what's the root cause? NO ONE KNOWS. I've been given the ambigous BS answer of 'overtraining syndrome'. In reality it probably is a malabsorption issue that the training then exacerbated. Funny...when you don't get enough vitamins you don't get what you need to function properly.

so...until later